Structure of the Confederation Web Guidelines

Navigation to the individual chapters within the Confederation Web Guidelines is via the tabs in the main menu.

The chapter entitled “Design Principles” summarizes the fundamental principles of the Confederation Web Guidelines.

The tabs “Base Layout”, “Navigation Modules”, and “Content Modules” contain detailed descriptions of the individual elements.

On the individual pages, the element is presented first of all in a scalable frame. When the frame is enlarged or reduced in size, the presentation of the element can be tested for responsiveness on various output devices. Above the representation of the element lives a brief description of it. Below it, the HTML code for implementation by the development team can be displayed. The code given in the HTML tab can be copied and reused.

In the section “Example Pages”, various types of web page are presented. They can be scaled directly and the presentation tested on various screen sizes.


Please follow these instructions to use the styleguide into your project.

Web Browsers Supported

The presentation of the elements has been optimized for all recent browsers and devices.

Desktop optimisation:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and higher
  • Safari 9 and higher
  • Firefox 38 and higher
  • Chrome 45 and higher

Mobile optimisation:

  • Safari and Chrome on iOS 7 and higher
  • Chrome and/or the “default browser” and Firefox on Android 5 and higher