The "Print" icon, with a link to the print version, can be integrated into every page except the home page. It is positioned at the top right of the content column. A click on the icon opens the print dialog window. This button should be hidden on smallest devices where this functionnality is usually not available.

You can target a specific element to isolate and print by adding a data-print="ID" on the wrapper and setting onclick="$.printPreview.printPreview(ID)" on the print button. If a data-title attribute is set on the wrapper, it will be displayed as the title of the printed page.

We only want to print this

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Social sharing


With the social sharing function, contents can be shared on social networks. In order to protect the privacy of the users, the function contains an activation mechanism. The user first has to activate the service before being able to share contents via his or her social network.

At the moment, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing and LinkedIn are supported. Just add the correct Open Graph meta tags to get the preview images and descriptions.

Links with which a file can be downloaded are always preceded by a document icon.