Alerts are shown when you need to get the attention of the user with something important.

Variants: .alert-success .alert-info .alert-warning .alert-danger


You can add a <span class="sr-only">alert type</span> if the role="alert" is not enough information for the end user.



The emergency banner is only ever shown on the home page in cases of extreme urgency. It is always placed at the very top of the home page.

It is vital that this element should only be used in cases of emergency – i.e. extremely sparingly.

The contact box provides the user with a possibility to contact the website with regard to the content of the page. It is always to be found at the top of the context pane. If there is only one general contact available for the whole website, and if this is also available via the service navigation function, then the contact box is omitted.

The contact box shows two tabs: “Contact” and “Map”. In the “Contact” tab the name of the contact person, the address, the telephone number, the contact form, etc. are shown. If required, additional information, such as the opening hours of an embassy, for example, can be listed. In the “Map” tab, the contact is localized graphically in a map section, and the address is again listed in abbreviated form.

A click on “Print contact information” opens the browser’s or operating system’s print dialog.

On tablets the contact information is shown under the content of the page in a two-column layout. The contents of the two tabs are shown next to one another.

UNO-Mission New York Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN
633, Third Avenue, 29th floor
New York, NY10017-6706
United States of America
+41 31 322 31 53
+41 31 322 31 54

Contact form



Opening hours

09.00-12.00 AM

Saturday and Sunday

UNO-Mission New York

633, Third Avenue
New York, NY10017-6706


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